Lets Tri

After the huge success of our very own Let’s Tri Event in such a small period since July 2021, We bring you Let’s Tri: Summer Edition for its 5th volume that will be held in New Alamein City, North Coast for the second time. Let’s Tri is one of the biggest Triathlon Events in Egypt, prepping athletes to the most exiting Road to the Inaugural IRONMAN 70.3 Egypt.

Location and time

El Alamein City, North Coast, Egypt

Friday – Saturday

11/8 – 12/8

About the Destination

The New Alamein City is located in the North Coast and is set to be the first of its kind in the area. Designed to the high standards of what is called a fourth-generation city, the New Alamein City is planned to hold millions of residents, hitting a new milestone for the North Coast area. It comes with the new concept of an open-to-the-public tourism city on the North Coast, taking a different approach than the private resorts spread across the sea line.


  • 350 m – Swim
  • 10 Km – Bike
  • 2.5 Km – Run
  • 750 m – Swim
  • 20 Km – Bike 
  • 5 Km – Run 
  • 1.5 Km – Swim 
  • 40 Km – Bike 
  • 10 Km – Run 
  • 20 m Swim
  • 500 m Run 


Friday 11  Aug. 
7:00 am – Sprint Start
10:00 am – Super Sprint Start 
Saturday 12 Aug. 
6:30 am – Olympic Start

10:30 am – Family Race Start 

We always strives to give the Athletes the best in sports solutions. So, their safety & the integrity of Let’s Tri are heading on the list of our top priorities. That’s why we enlisted MyLaps as the race’s official timing system, tracking all racing athletes

Races Maps

Swim: In the Crystal Clear Alamien Lagoons

Bike: Brand New Asphalt

Run: Alamien New Sea view Promenade

Rules & Regulations

1- Athletes must complete the correct distance as described per race in the race maps.

2- Make sure to return to the transition area after finishing each discipline’s required distance. 

3- For Safety measurements Athletes must wear the helmet during the whole cycling discipline otherwise they risk being disqualified. Helmets must have the athlete’s race number.

4- Stick to the right-hand side of the road at all times except when overtaking another cyclist, athletes MUST only do so on the left-hand side. 

5- IPods, MP3 players, phones, or video cameras are not permitted on the course.

6- Olympic cut off time: 3:45 hours
Sprint cut off time
: 2:15 hours
Super Sprint Cut off time: 1:20 hours

7- Trash cans will be everywhere so we urge you to keep the place clean.

8- Events Tickets are non-refundable.
9- All Tickets prices excluding 14% VAT 

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